How to prepare for listing your home

As you prepare to list your home, you should pretend like you're a buyer walking through your home, and think about how they will see this home for the first time.  They will want to be able to envision their furniture and decorations in the home.  It's your job to ensure that the house is free of clutter, personal belongings, and other defects.  Buyers are easily distracted by things that appear broken, dirty, or awkward.  As part of the discounted, full service listing process, Matt will walk through your home and give advice on what will make the home appeal to buyers.  In addition to your realtor, you may want to invite a friend or family member who will be brutally honest with you to tour the home and make suggestions.  On average, you should plan to spend 30-60 days on preparing your home for sale, and you'll likely want to budget for some expenses.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for sale:

  • Landscaping - make a good first impression with well manicured landscaping and freshly cut grass
  • Driveway - blow the driveway of debris
  • Exterior - professional power washing and roof cleaning can make a house look more appealing
  • Porches and eaves - clear cobwebs and other dirt from porches and eaves
  • Mulch - consider spreading fresh mulch
  • Furniture - ensure rooms don't feel too crowded with furniture.  Consider storing excess furniture at a friend's house temporarily.
  • Paint Color - neutral paint colors are more appealing to buyers.  Consider painting rooms with more personalized colors.
  • Touch up paint - scuffs, discolorations, and marks should be painted over with color matching paint
  • Nail Holes - it's recommended that all nail holes be filled, and painted to match the wall.
  • Windows - take the time to wash the windows inside and out.
  • Curtains - if curtains are not contemporary in color and style, consider removing them completely.
  • Family Photos - consider removing ALL family photos from the home, as this may distract buyers
  • Art - all wall art should be neutral, straight, and enhance the decor
  • Nicknacks - Please minimize the amount of items on display throughout the home, these draw buyer's attention
  • Area rugs - consider removing rugs that are torn, tattered, or outdated
  • Closets - closets should have a reasonable amount of stuff in them, overcrowded closets portray a lack of closet space
  • Clutter - completely rid the home of it
  • Cleaning - clean every possible surface of the home, dust the ceiling fans, eliminate cobwebs from ceiling corners
  • Odors - purchase tasteful scents to welcome buyers
  • Broken Stuff - hire a handyman or contractor to fix all that is broken in your home

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