FI approach to Personal Real Estate Transactions

First off, what is FI and FIRE?

FI is a philosphy of pursuing a financially independent lifestyle.  It's a community of people who seek to optimize their financials to spend less than they earn, so that they can achieve Financial Independence.  The idea of financial independence is simply living without relying on a paycheck.  This is generally defined as having enough passive income to cover all expenses.  This helps free a person's time to pursue their own dreams, instead of focusing a lot of time earning money and working for someone else.  Even if that person chooses to continue working, they have a lot more flexibility because they don't need the income from that job to survive.  The acronym FIRE is simply an extension of FI, meaning Financial Independence Retire Early.


Now, why is a real estate agent talking about FI?

Many in the FI community view real estate as a great investment and purchase investment properties.  Matt DiCerbo is suited to be the agent of choice for the Richmond FI community.  He makes personal choices to save, optimize spending, and pursue financial independence.  Matt also took a class at VCU as part of his MBA related to Real Estate Investing, and how to model financials for a rental property.  Matt also has personal experience owning and leasing residential real estate in Richmond.

Matt has the tools to help you build a business plan related to start your investment property portfolio, or to help you expand your existing real estate portfolio.  To start, Matt will spend a lot of time walking through your budget, financing options, and expected financial returns from the investment.  Matt has experience, knowledge, and financial models to help you build a business plan.  The models will provide how much you can expect to earn in year 1, and over a 10 year horizon.  The models give provide key financial data related to Cap Rate, Net Operating Income, Cash on Cash Return, and Internal Rate of Return.  He'll even model how the return will look after factoring in the impact of your personal income taxes.  This will help you compare real estate investments with other potential investment options you have.  

Matt is a licensed real estate agent in Virginia, and will use the Multiple Listing Service to review all of the available investment properties in your target area that help you achieve your financial goals.  He'll use his analytical skills to help you ensure you're paying the right price for the property through a competitive market analysis, and he'll use his decade of negotiation skills to get you the best value on your investment.

If you're selling an investment property, Matt will save you money with his discounted, flat rate listing commission.  Read more about that under the Sellers section of this website.


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